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´Vivid Diamond´ ist ein Bandprojekt rund um den Komponisten und Songwriter ´Peter H.´, der Frontfrau und Lead-Sängerin ´Valerie Joy Simmonds´, dem Gitarristen ´Gerd Stein´ und dem Bassisten ´Rosko Gee´ (Traffic, Can, Harald-Schmidt-Show).

Rosko Gee & The Hooded Ones

The former bassist of the legendary bands Traffic, Can, or the Johnny Nash band, who worked with stars such as Marianne Faithfull, Al Di Meola, Steve Winwood, Phil Collins, Jaki Liebezeit or even Ozzy Osbourne, now finally dares to step forward, out out of the shadows, into the spotlight.

Josef Ferger

Josef Ferger started playing and composing music in the age of 6 years, so his family and neighbours have been the first ones to be punished with his sound.

Anarchistisches Koma Orchester

The AKO – still one of the furthermost bands from mainstream- manage to send us on a trip through the sound world of modern and post modern music through “LSD – Piloten”.


Funk, Fusion, Jazz, Pop Band, founded 1994 by: Josef Ferger, James Michael “Woody” Woodford und Kristoff Becker.


Playing along to my own compositions on an selfmade e-cello and sheet metal-cello, I use the big scale of possibilities of Violincello: playing bass, rhythm. beating, playing solo, or still making cypersound ( by using of some effects ).

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